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J.W. Dunnwright Construction was founded in 1990 by Michael Raab, in Annapolis, Md. as a full-service Home Improvement Company.

The company won several awards for design and construction of custom sun-decks. Our first custom home was built in 1992 and was featured in a local Parade of Homes. The company soon added commercial construction to its repertoire with renovation and build-out contracts for numerous government agencies, restaurants and offices.

When Hurricane Isabel flooded Annapolis in 2003, the company got its first taste of disaster recovery and relief by aiding victims of the storm and by making repairs to flood-damaged homes and businesses.

In 2004, the company expanded to Pensacola, Fl. in the wake of Hurricane Ivan and in the path of Hurricanes Dennis and Katrina. After the completion of the renovations and repairs of several hurricane-ravaged homes, the company continued pleasing our customers as a custom home builder, commercial contractor and home improvement specialist.

Jon Pruitt joined the company as Vice President in 2006, bringing with him, a history of business management and home improvement. Jon's addition enabled us to provide even better customer service while broadening our list of services.

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