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Alexa Zaledonis - Even Keel Wellness Spa
I was pleasantly surprised not only with the quality of the workmanship of my build-out but also the design assistance, customer service and speed of delivery. I had a very short period of time to leave my old location and reopen my new spa. J.W. Dunnwright Construction came to my rescue and we opened on time! Mike Raab was able to take my small space and creatively construct it to give it an illusion of a larger space while matching my "Bed and Breakfast" decor. It reminded me of the book "Inside the Not So Big House" without actually having to hire Sarah Susanka. . At the end of the project J.W. Dunnwright Construction stayed within budget and exceeded my product expectations. The personal customer service during the project was fantastic and the follow up was excellent. I would recommend J.W. Dunnwright Construction for any build-out needs both large and small.

Tim and Elizabeth Spaid


It is my pleasure to provide potential customers with the positive experience we've had in the building of our vacation home by J. W. Dunnwright.

Home Building Project Background: Along with a partner, we had J. W. Dunnwright build two similar large vacation homes on the Santa Rosa Sound. Our original builder completely dropped the ball prior to the commencement of our project and we were left in a difficult spot with an initial budget deficit. Both my partner and we live six hours away from where the homes were built.

Project Inception: J. W. Dunnwright provided testimonials that backed up the service we would later expect and received. Mike Raab, President of J. W. Dunnwright, furnished us with an updated contactor's license, applicable insurance and was himself keeping current during the project with professional training. He traveled to see my partner and I out of state to understand our project and later followed up with a realistic project estimate supported with numerous bids from contractors.

Communication: It's worth calling out on its own the topic of communication. When calling (and typically without leaving a voice message) we would get a call back. Effective communication is essential in any building project, but especially from afar and we found J. W. Dunnwright to be unique in this regard. They kept photos on their web site, which also allowed us to see actual progress being made. The ability to communicate with us on one level as a homeowner and the ability to also communicate with contractors makes Mike Raab a unique individual to work with. Working with him you realize you're working with an educated professional.

During the Project: Mike and J. W. Dunnwright worked on our behalf to recoup our earlier losses from the initial builder. One of the more memorable moments of the project was a situation where Mike Raab negotiated with inspectors over terminology where the difference saved each homeowner $30,000. There were many additions and changes made during the project. All of the changes were handled in a professional manner. We received periodic statements that showed an accounting of the costs associated in building the home. J. W. Dunnwright worked hard to ensure we were not just getting the lowest bidder to complete our homes but also quality. They allied themselves with talented people. Anyone inspecting these homes would surely discern that they were built with the highest level of quality.

Project Completion: It's something when you can stand back from a project and admire what you were able to accomplish together and say it's even better than you could have imagined. That has been the case in our experience with this project. It can't be overstated that like any project, what you get is directly proportional to what you put into it. Aligning ourselves with Mike Raab of J.W. Dunnwright was the right choice where we threw at him a project, to us, it seemed to hold insurmountable odds. We now have a tropical retreat that is more than we could expect. Working so closely with Mike and J. W. Dunnwright we've built an excellent friendship and it nearly leaves a void when the project has come to an end.

Rebecca & William Azelton
"The company did some bathroom improvements for us in June 2008. As the work progressed there was more involved than originally thought, which consisted of the need for mold/mildew remediation. We were very impressed with the quality of work performed by their worker Gary Renaud and the company: the meticulous eye for detail, and the timeliness in which the work was performed."

Mary Ann Crumlish
"Everything turned out beautifully. Jon definitely took the stress of everything for me- he's a jewel! His goal was to make sure I got what I wanted. I will always use J.W. Dunnwright for my remodeling projects."

Laura Taylor
"John was great! Very energetic and quick to respond to my needs and completion of the job - patient too. John has a great sense of humor and enthusiasm that allows a trying time of remodeling to not be so "trying". Thank you for all your hard work. Wish we could have taken the bathroom with us to our new home in Texas."

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