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Roof repair is a crucial step into retaining the health of your topside structure and your home in general. After you have made the big decision, confessed to yourself that yes, it's time, the most important thing is to then select a contractor you can trust.

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Getting your roof checked out by trusted professionals on a regular basis could prevent costly future fixes. Any number of factors could have delivered stunning blows to the flowing system capping your home. A clear factor in roof repair is weather. Living close to the coastline, as you know, structures are often challenged by extremes in weather, and even the salt water itself. Certain roof tiles today simply are not made to withstand the salinity of beach air. Terracotta roof tiles, sometimes a popular aesthetic along coastline communities, vary in their salt tolerances and are subject to varying degrees of deterioration. With these tiles, if only a few are affected, then replacement on an individual basis is likely what is called for. If an entire section of the roof is seeing clear and present salt rot, then it may be more economical and practical to replace your roof's materials with something more durable. We can further discuss these details with you in person or over the phone if needed.

Additionally, certain types of timber are particularly prone to deterioration if located near the sea, such as pine and Oregon wood. But even those woods are inconsistent. In some buildings, the Oregon wood stood up fine, but in others, the wood was very much deteriorated. The bottom line: certain structural materials age differently and inconsistently and it is wise to have things checked out. It is called delignification, and it is when molecular cells breakdown, yielding an odd, furry finish on certain woods in saltwater locations. This is mainly a visual issue. However, prolonged states of delignification can yield to weaker wood and may demand roof repair.

Roof repair scenarios:

  • Weather-based damage from high winds, hail and extreme heat
  • Salinity in the air, sometimes causing deterioration, delignification and rust
  • Plenty of debris from trees
  • Prolonged neglect or age
  • Previous, untreated damage

If you have a business, you may be experiencing, under your shop front awning, some rust. Often times, particularly in older shop structures, the structural framework is not galvanized and consequently prone to rust. Because of the way shop fronts are often designed, any proof of rust means there could be much more that you cannot see. If that is the case, that means your entire structure's stability is at risk, and you should call us immediately!

But these are specific issues. We have what it takes to make good on all of your roof repair needs. We are fully licensed, insured and certified, so you know you are entering into a project without any doubts and with peace of mind. But our professionalism and workmanship is where we truly feel you will get the real gist of our pledge. Our message to you is in our actions and courtesy, and for all of that quality we work to fit our clients' affordability. Our work is guaranteed for five years for exterior projects, barring issues that we have no control of such as neglect and acts of God. Also, we come back after 90 days to inspect the work we have done on your roof.

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