How to Repair Wood After Severe Termite Damage

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You must thoroughly repair wood after a termite infestation because your home's structural integrity has been jeopardized. Once the bugs are dead - you need an experienced contractor to come immediately. We not only find every shred of damage, but also we will repair it completely, and offer a warranty that is unique in the industry.

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To thoroughly repair wood after termites damage your house, you need an experienced home repair contractor. Most often, the untrained eye cannot spot all of the damage. It is vital to replace all destroyed wood. Not only does it weaken your structure, but it can also lead to rot and mold - two other damaging and unhealthy home invaders.


Finding the Extent of the Damage
The most important areas to explore are load-bearing structures, such as floor joists, beams, rafters and sill frames. The insects can turn them into hollow shells that put your home at risk. We will follow termite trails and tunnels, in order to determine what needs repairing and what needs replacing.


What May Have to Be Replaced?
Termites eat anything containing cellulose, the structural component of plants. This means you may have to replace plywood, roof sheathing, cabinetry and floorboards. Even drywall is at risk, as termites will tunnel though it to get to beams. What Can Be Fixed?

  • Some wood can be scraped, and then special sealants injected into formerly-infested areas.
  • In some cases, supportive beams and timbers can be "sistered"; that is, attached to a second, identical piece of lumber for support.
  • Of course, total replacement of severely weakened lumber may be the only way to save your home.
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To replace and repair wood damage requires a number of skilled tradespeople: carpenters to strengthen and replace where necessary; drywallers; and even plumbers and electricians if pipes and wires are in the way.


Kinds of Termites
Determining the species will help determine the possible extent of the damage. Subterranean termites, including Formosans, destroy from the inside out, leaving only the grain behind. They also dig into drywall, making it as crumbly as dirt. The other common type is the drywall termite, which feeds on dry wood like floors and furniture, and leaves it with a sanded appearance.


Remember, You Are Not Alone!
If you need to repair wood after an infestation, count yourself among millions of Americans. Did you know the cost of exterminating termites and repairing their damage is a staggering $5 billion a year? If your house is still standing, count yourself lucky that you got help when you did. In a few short years, these insects can literally turn a house into sawdust.


While no one has found a way to eradicate termites, you have learned through experience it is possible to bring them under control, and your exterminator has likely discussed ongoing protection plans with you.


Our Ongoing Wood Repair Warranty

  • Inspection of all work 90 days after completion.
  • Re-inspection of work, both inside and out, once a year for the next two years.
  • A check of the exterior three, four and five years later.

When you need to repair wood after severe termite damage, it is tempting -but extremely unwise - to shop by price alone. If additional repairs need to be made, a warranty ensures they will be covered at no cost to you. That is a savings you need to consider. A good warranty helps you regain a sense of security that even a pest control plan cannot.

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