Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Program

1. It is the policy at J.W. Dunnwright Construction, LLC for all projects undertaken to be completed with the highest practicable quality. Steps taken to ensure this will be as follows:

a. All suppliers will be informed of this policy and instructed to provide only the best quality materials applicable. Suppliers have been put on notice that our continued patronage is dependant on adherence to this policy.

i. Our foremen and superintendants are familiar with policy and have affirmed, in writing that they will help to enforce it. These jobsite managers are responsible to double-check any materials from our suppliers or subcontractor's suppliers to ensure that they conform.

ii. Laborers and workers are also instructed to discard any unsatisfactory materials or supplies that may make it to the jobsite.

iii. A Principal from the company will make periodic checks of jobsites and will order the removal of any substandard material or supply.

b. All tasks are expected to be performed in a workmanlike manner to the high standards of the company. Common industry shortcuts are not allowed if they, in any way, negatively affect the outcome of the project.

i. Superintendants and Foremen are responsible to monitor the work of their crew and that of subcontractors on the project. They are also responsible to ensure that any sub-par work is re-performed if necessary

ii. Laborers and workmen are familiar with this policy and have been selected for, and are well paid because of their skills at their trades.

iii. A Principal from the company will make periodic checks of jobsites to confirm adherence.

2. In addition to in-progress quality checks, J.W. Dunnwright Construction, LLC will inspect all work, with the owner's representative prior to final payment.

a. Superintendants or Foremen will "walk the job" within 24 hours after completion of owner's final punch list.

b. A principal of the company will then inspect with the owner and anything not conforming to the Quality Assurance Program will be rectified by re-performing or replacing as necessary.

3. All projects will be re-inspected 90 days after completion and annually for the duration of the warranty period.

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