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You increase the value of your home by adding more living space. We have everything it takes to enhance your quality of life. Our professional staff includes designers, engineers and architects as well as the best craftsmen in the construction business.

Up or Out
When you come to us for house additions in Mobile, we will meet with you, inspect your property, and help you decide how best to increase the size of your home. If your property has enough available space we may suggest going "out", adding a room that will blend naturally with your existing home.

Should your outdoor space be limited or if you simply want a multi-story home we can design an addition that goes "up", adding a second story to your house. In either case the high quality of the work we do will make your home larger and perfectly match the exterior of your house.

Top 5 Room Additions

  1. Kitchen
  2. Bedrooms and master suites
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Family living and entertainment room
  5. Dining room

Adding a Kitchen
Today's large, open concept kitchens have become the gathering place for family and friends. This is a perfect project for bumping out into open space on your property. Adding a kitchen from scratch will give you the opportunity for a design to include the flooring, an island, granite countertops and cabinetry you've always dreamed of. You can continue using your old kitchen while we build your new one so your family won't be inconvenienced. When your new kitchen is complete, we'll repurpose your old space into a formal dining room, a family room or whatever you imagine.

House Additions in Mobile: Master Suites
We can create the roomy, elegant homeowner retreat you desire, with the bathroom you've always wanted. Our designers may suggest a home spa, twin vanities and a large multi-head shower. Add a walk-in closet, dressing room and a sitting area, and you will have the ultimate space for relaxation as you retreat from the rigors of the day.

An Extra Bedroom
Growing families will be thrilled to have a new bedroom in the house. Whether your family has grown with the birth of a child or your growing children need a space of their own, an added bedroom will be welcome in any home.

Family and Entertainment Room
Every family needs a place to relax, visit or simply watch the big game on a wide-screen TV. Family entertainment areas may include a built-in surround sound speaker system, a gaming table, bar and snack area or a safe place for growing children to play with their toys. If you can imagine it, we can build it specifically to suit your family needs.

Formal Dining Room
A formal dining room is the perfect place to gather for an evening meal and some hard to come by special time. Our busy world often takes family members in opposite directions during the day so having a place to share a meal and special occasions will be an important addition to your home.

Energy Saving Measures
In preparation for house additions in Mobile our designers and project managers will suggest a variety of ways that will improve energy efficiency in your home. New windows can cut your energy costs by as much as 40 percent while insulated siding can take another 20 percent off your electric bill.

House additions in Mobile can be extremely beneficial to your family. Whether you need a bedroom for your growing family or the simple relaxation you'll enjoy in a new master suite, we are the quality builder that will make it happen.

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