Fire Damage

The aftermath of fire damage at your home or business can leave property owners in a state of confusion and uncertainty to say the least. We are the skilled artisans and experienced professionals to relieve the condition of your home. We provide the competent answers and workmanship to get you back on your feet again.

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Our consummate professionalism makes the fire damage you suffered more bearable, firstly, by our prompt and efficient emergency service. We help expedite insurance claims so that you can realize the best possible recovery for your home or business. When the dust and the ash has settled and you are ready to get back in the saddle, we are your best workhorse to speedily get the job done, all the while without compromising the quality of workmanship, craft and the top materials. When you have suffered loses to your property, we bring it back to what it was prior to any freak accidents, if you prefer, or we improve upon what was once there.

No single person or entity can predict fire damage - when it will happen and how bad it will be. However, stuff happens in life, and when you are ready and need to repair what you have lost at your residential or commercial property, we preclude the best quality in work anywhere in north Florida and south Alabama.

Top reasons you want us to comprehensively and permanently fix fire damage:

  • We are the premier construction company in our typically beach-based communities. Typically, most of our residents tend to be prepared for weather-based phenomena such as storm damage from wind, flooding, hail and even lightening. You may not suspect fire to be a prime factor in threatening the safety of your home, yet it persists as a problem even along the gulf coast.
  • Damages inflicted by fire can be tricky to fully establish to the untrained eye. After suffering a fire, you will likely be particularly primed for a construction company that you can rely on. An accident on your property deserves a proper solution. With the appropriate state licensing and insurance, we are also members of the Better Business Bureau and are also proudly have the seal of approval from the online watchdog group
  • If fire damage has infiltrated your life, do not let shady contractors and their shoddy materials, labor and hazy promises get the better of you. We can only emphasize and encourage you to do all the appropriate research to find a reputable group. Do not trust contractors who are at all vague in dealing with your property's fire damage.

As reported by the U.S. Fire Administration, there are some alarming stats nationwide concerning fires in 2008. The United States lost 3,320 of its citizens' lives as a result of fire, and 16,705 were injured because of fire. Firefighters that lost their lives number 118. More Americans died in fires than all natural disasters that year combined, and 84-percent of the lives lost in fires occurred in residences. There were 1.5 million fires in 2008, with property loss estimated at $15.5 billion. Right off the bat we just want to remind our clients to always take proper precautions in fire safety and always check on your home or business's fire alarm to see that it is working. If your property has suffered harm from fire, make the move to improve you home with us.

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