Building a New Home

Building a new home is one of the most life-affirming periods you experience. It means you have been doing well, and now you can tailor your life and dwelling to optimally meet all of the needs in your life. More space to entertain friends and extended family, more rooms for an addition to the immediate family, a home office, a swimming pool, a larger garage and simply a higher standard of living are all suggested for this thrilling new prospect!

Building a new home?
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Building a new home, despite the fun and excitement involved in carving out a new life in a specifically-fashioned dwelling, can illicit your nerves. It is a multiple-stepped process demanding total professionalism that, if a contractor does not meet all needs and demands, can go horribly wrong. That is why we strongly believe in open, reliable and candid dialogue for every step of the process. Your home is going to be, in very large part, much of your life, possibly for the rest of your life. We insist upon getting it right!

In building a new home, we do it any way you want it: custom home building

  • Green, energy-efficient construction and systems
  • Conventional wood-framed construction
  • Concrete and masonry construction
  • Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)

If you are building a new home, well, you have just about everything to consider. You have enough on your plate, and we hope you make the call and let our professional trouble-shooters lead the way to achieving the most successful home you can dream of - one that meets every single need and stays within your budget. First, we begin our relationship with you with a free estimate and consultation, so that we can see exactly what we can do for you. From there, we collaborate on a design fitting your lifestyle, and it will be a beautiful one that both maximizes space and efficiency. It will not be long before your lot is under construction, undergoing premier workmanship under vigilant quality control. By the end of the project, when the project has fabricated from dream into material reality, you will be delighted from the quality of design, workmanship, materials and affordability of the whole experience.

We want to emphasize to you when building a new home that we believe in open and candid dialogues with our clients. We have an updated contractor's license, we are fully ensured and our craftsmen and technicians are always given the most up-to-date training so we can maximize operations in your magnificent and brand new dream home. If you have any concerns at all we are always available to speak with you. This is, after all, where you may be spending the rest of your life, and we provide pictures so that you know the progress on the many dimensions of your home. It is our job to be the glue and manager between the contractors construction your home and making sure you understand every step of that process.

Too many times, unfortunately, clients call us in after a horrible experience with another company. We hope you do the proper research for your project, candid in furnishing all the required paperwork, and have successful communication. We can assure you that, for our clients, customer satisfaction is our absolute, #1 goal. We are professionals and we are also homeowners, and we want to develop a relationship with you on your home project, we want you as part of our group of friends and family. Let us show you how it should be done the first time out.

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